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Welcome to «Millionaire Dating»! Online international and free dating service «Millionaire Dating» is an online oasis for single beautiful ladies and success gentlemen and millionaires seeking dates, romance, marriage, love, sex and lifelong partners.

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45 y/o, Leo
Hazleton, United States
Seek: Woman
Aged between: 18-42 y/o
43 y/o, Libra
Kazahstan, Kazakhstan
Seek: Man
Aged between: 41-90 y/o
31 y/o, Libra
Moscow, Russia
Seek: Man
Aged between: 32-48 y/o
32 y/o, Aries
Miami, United States
Seek: Man
Aged between: 30-60 y/o
43 y/o, Taurus
Tiraspol, Moldova
Seek: Man
Aged between: 40-65 y/o
65 y/o, Pisces
Canfield, Canada
Seek: Woman
Aged between: 50-90 y/o
52 y/o, Leo
California City, United States
Seek: Man
Aged between: 50-90 y/o
37 y/o, Aquarius
Sudan, India
Seek: Man
Aged between: 18-90 y/o
23 y/o, Sagittarius
Kiev, Ukraine
Seek: Woman
Aged between: 18-20 y/o
29 y/o, Sagittarius
Kharkiv, Ukraine
Seek: Man
Aged between: 18-90 y/o
46 y/o, Libra
Moscow, Russia
Seek: Woman
Aged between: 40-55 y/o
40 y/o, Gemini
Los Angeles, United States
Seek: Man
Aged between: 35-90 y/o

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